Shinchan Season 8: All Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download [HD]

Shinchan Season 8: All Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download [HD]

Shinchan Season 8: Full Hindi Episodes Download/Watch Online

Synopsis::- Crayon Shin-chan in India refers to the Hindi, Tamil and Telugu adaption of the Crayon Shin-chan franchise in India. Hiroshi decides to attend a golf match instead of a picnic with his family.

Misae gets angry and adds 10 kilos of weight to the golf kit. Misae takes the children to a picnic and unknowingly lands at the golf course. But, Hiroshi's boss allows Hiroshi to join his family for the picnic.

Kazama and his friends laze on a branch of a tree. Kazama gets frustrated and realises that it was a dream. Misae requests Hiroshi to get her a new electric cycle.

Hiroshi realises Misae's need and buys a new cycle. Hiroshi and his family think that someone has stolen their bicycle. But, in fact, the municipal officer tows the bicycle. Checkout Shinchan All Episodes in Hindi Here.

Shin Chan Season 8 Hindi Dubbed Episodes 480p HD

Season info:

Name: Shin Chan (Season 8)

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Release: 1999

Quality: 480P 40 Mb to 80 Mb

Running Time: 22 Minute

Shin Chan Season 8 Episodes List

Episode 01 – Dad’s Golf Plans! / Picnic on the Golf Course! / Kazama’s Nightmare!

Episode 02 – Our Cycle Has Been Stolen! / Mom is Forced to Return the Things! / What are Mom and Dad Secretly Talking?

Episode 03 – Encho-man Saves Humanity! / A Commotion in School!

Episode 04 – Creating a Photo Album! / Volleyball Training! / Who Will Win the Volleyball Match?

Episode 05 – Himawari’s Mischief! / A New Rabbit in Nene-chan’s House! / Nene-chan and her Mother’s Promise!

Episode 06 – Friendship With Masao! / Mom has a Good Mood Today! / The Quest For a Kappa!

Episode 07 – Mom’s Medical Checkup! / Mom and I Will Play Cards! / I Will Drink a Lot of Milk!

Episode 08 – Who Met Matsuzaka Ma’am? / I’m Going to Yoshinaga’s House! / I Will Wash the Utensils Today!

Episode 09 – A Competition Between Mom and Dad! / Who Will Eat These Radishes? / Yoshirin and Micchi Are in Our House!

Episode 10 – Dad’s Secret Shopping! / A Lot of Money in Our House! / You’ll Repent If You Get Late!

Episode 11 – What is Ageo Ma’am Making? / Mom Joins the Ladies Volleyball Team! / Will Mom Play Volleyball?

Episode 12 – Grandpa is Coming Home! / A Debate With Grandpa! / Mom and Dad Wants Grandpa to Return!

Episode 13 – Spending Time with Grandpa! / Where Did Kazama Lose his Bag?

Episode 14 – Ai-chan is Coming to Meet Dad! / I Have to Collect Stickers! / Ai-chan Will Visit Himawari!

Episode 15 – Dad Visits My School! / Bo-chan, a Great Detective! / Nothing Can Be Found in the House!

Episode 16 – We’re in Search of a New House! / We’re Shifting Into a New House! / The First Night in Our New House!

Episode 17 – Meeting Our New Neighbours! / A New Morning at Our New House! / Shin-chan Invites His Friends Home!

Episode 18 – How many People Live in Our Neighbourhood? / This Shortcut is Longer!/ Will Mom Reach on Time for the Sale?

Episode 19 – Our Dream House! / Do You Have a Part-time Job? / A Hole in Our Wall!

Episode 20 – My Poor Dad! / I Love the Star Festival! / Why is the Rain Not Stopping?

Episode 21 – What is Happening in Our House? / Masao Catches an Insect! / Playing the Hide-and-seek Game!

Episode 22 – What Does Our Neighbour Want to Learn from Mom? / Micchi and Yoshirin Visit Us! / Cleaning the Webs!

Episode 23 – What Did Masao See? / Doing a Lot of Shopping! / Meeting Nanako!

Episode 24 – We’re Exchanging Diaries! / Shiro Comes Home! / My Summer Holidays Have Ended!

Episode 25 – Will These Two Be Sisters! / When Will the Rain Stop? / My Eyes Are Red!

Episode 26 – Exams Are Not Easy! / Speaking the Truth Isn’t Tough! / Whom Should I Play With?

Episode 27 – A New Guest in Our House! / Reyo’s Criminal Attire! / Practising for Reyo’s Auditions!

Episode 28 – Mom Suffers a Sprain in Her Back! / How Do We Stop the leaves From Withering? / Mom is Suffering From Fever!

Episode 29 – Buriburizaemon Adventures – Part 1 / Buriburizaemon Adventures – Part 2 / On a Bike Ride With Dad!

Episode 30 – Buriburizaemon Adventures – Part 3 / Buriburizaemon Adventures – Part 4 / Action Kamen is Very Strong!

Episode 31 – Buriburizaemon Adventures – Goblin’s Story!

Episode 32 – Burbuizaemon – Space Adventure!

Episode 33 – Mom Will Play With Me! / Buriburizaemon Adventures – Part 1! / Buriburizaemon Adventures – Part 2!

Episode 34 – Buriburizaemon Comes to Mitzi’s Rescue! / The Last Episode of Action Kamen!

Episode 35 – Quantum Robot’s Last Fight! / No One Can Defeat Quantum Robot!

Episode 36 – A Trip to the Ancient Land! / Dad and Me Will Save Mom!

Episode 37 – Today, My Acting Will be the Best! / I Defeated a Demon! / I Will Take a Ride on Quantum Robot!

Episode 38 – We Should Take Our Dogs for a Walk every day! / Mom’s List of Rules! / Mom and Me Are watching Action Kamen in the Theatre!

Episode 39 – We Are Going to the Bird House! / I Will Meet Action Kamen Today! / Watch the Benefits of Yoga!

Episode 40 – The Bodyguards in Field – Part 1! / The Bodyguards in Field – Part 2! / The Bodyguards in Field – Part 3!

Episode 41 – It is Very Cold Today! / Buriburizaemon Adventures! / I Will Clean the House! / We Are Going Shopping!

Episode 42 – Action Kamen Special! / Recalling Old Memories! / Shin-chan’s Visit to Kazama’s House! / Kazama and Shin-chan Play Table Tennis!

Episode 43 – Shiro and I live a Similar Life! / We Will Watch a Video! / A Child in Our house!

Episode 44 – We are Going to the Beach! / My First Flight! / Our Trip Continues…

Episode 45 – This Place is Beautiful! / Which Place is This?/ New Year is Arriving Soon!

Episode 46 – I Like Quantum Robot a Lot! / We Are Celebrating Christmas in School! / I Want a Christmas Gift!

Episode 47 – It’s Not a Child’s Play to Climb a Tree! / It’s Housecleaning Day! / We Are Going For a Party!

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