Ninja Hattori 1981 [Season 2] All Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download HQ

Ninja Hattori 1981 [Season 2] All Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download HQ

Ninja Hattori (1981) Season 2 Hindi Episodes Download/Watch Online

Season Info:

Series Name: Ninja Hattori

Release: 1981

Quality: 480p HQ

Running Time: 22 min

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Encoded By: Toonworld4all

Synopsis::- Kio acts as a frog and cheats to make Kemumaki win a match. Hence, Hattori makes Kio hide his face in the ground. They meet ninja hattori's father DhruvKumar. Kemumaki hypnotizes Shinzo and reminds him of his hometown. So, Hattori uses the same ninja technique over Kemumaki and makes him remember his mother. Kenichi gets upset as Koike-Sensei gets to know about his thoughts. But Hattori and Kenichi get to know that the teacher records everything.

Kemumaki takes the look of an alien and troubles Kenichi. So, Hattori plays the same prank on Kemumaki and Kio and scare them. The teacher challenges the students to wear a singlet and short pant to school in the cold weather. Hattori uses a ninja technique and sends Kenichi to school. Yumie challenges Shinzo to perform stunts. Shinzo practices day and night to win the challenge and befriends her.

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