Doraemon Movie: Stand By Me Hindi Dubbed Download [HD]

Doraemon Movie: Stand By Me Hindi Dubbed Download [HD]

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Doraemon Movie info:

Name: Stand by Me Doraemon
(Hindi Dubbed as Doraemon The Movie Stand by Me)

Release Year: 2014 (Hindi Release 2016)

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Quality: 480P & 720P HD

Duration: 1h 34min

Movie Plot:::- Stand by Me Doraemon official Hindi title is Doraemon The Movie Stand by Me. Doraemon Stand By Me is a 2016 Hindi dubbed movie. It is the 17th Doraemon movie according to their release in India. Nobita Nobi is a Fifth-grader who constantly gets failing grades in his subjects due to his laziness and is always bullied by his classmates Suneo Honekawa and Takeshi "Gian" Goda.

His great-great-grandson from the 22nd century, Sewashi, who watches him every day, travels to Nobita's timeline while bringing along his robotic cat Doraemon who wields futuristic gadgets in his 4-D pocket. Sewashi reveals to Nobita that if his lifestyle continues like this, he will have a terrible future.

However, it can be prevented if Nobita maintains a good lifestyle with Doraemon’s help. Being reluctant until the threat, Doraemon agrees as Sewashi programs him as such that unless Nobita's future is improved, he won't be able to return to the 22nd century.

Though Doraemon warns Nobita not to be too dependent on his gadgets. Afraid of his crush Minamoto Shizuka growing more attached towards ace student Hitedoshi Dekisugi, Nobita tries to impress Shizuka by improving his grades upon his own merits.

Doraemon Movie 17 In Hindi

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