Shinchan Season 7: All Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download [HD]

Shinchan Season 7: All Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download [HD]

Shinchan Season 7: All Hindi Episodes Download/Watch Online

Synopsis::- Crayon Shin-chan in India refers to the Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu adaption of the Crayon Shinchan franchise in India. Shinchan wears the kimono gifted by his grandmother. He goes out with his friends and returns home in a distressed kimono.

Himawari drops Misae's necklace in the pasta dough. Misae turns on the new pasta machine and breaks her necklace. Checkout Shinchan All Episodes in Hindi Here.

Shin Chan Season 7 Hindi Dubbed Episodes 480p HD

Season info:

Name: Shin Chan (Season 7)

Language: Hindi Dubbed

Release: 1998

Quality: 480P 40 Mb to 80 Mb

Running Time: 22 Minute

Shin Chan Season 7 Episodes List

Episode 01 – I Will Wear a Traditional Dress! / We’re Making Pasta!

Episode 02 – A Fight Between Himawari and the Fan! / Miss Ageo Hates Heights! / Cleaning My House

Episode 03 – The Kasukabe Defence Team Will Be Separated! / The Kasukabe Defence Team Unites! / Dad Will Write a Speech!

Episode 04 – Mitzi Gets a New Hair Style! / Mitzi Cuts Her Hair, Once Again! / A New Side of Masao!

Episode 05 – Cutting the Grass of the Lawn! / Nene-chan Turns Into a Cook! / Who Will Win Today’s Competition?

Episode 06 – Guests at My Place! / More Guest and More Talks! / A Big Family is So Much Fun!

Episode 07 – Dad Tells Us a Story! / Dad Brings a Doll for Himawari! / I’m Going Out With Nanako!

Episode 08 – What Do I Want From the Market? / We Will Click Many Pictures Today! / What Will Dr. Tokurou Say?

Episode 09 – We Have a lot of Coupons! / Famous Comic Writer Arrested! / We Will Help Miss Matsuzaka!

Episode 10 – What Will Happen to Dr. Tokurou? / Miss Matsuzaka is in a Bad Mood! / We Are Going to the Airport!

Episode 11 – Mom and Dad’s Story – Part One! / Mom and Dad’s Story – Part Two! / Mom and Dad’s Story – Part Three!

Episode 12 – Himawari Troubles Me a Lot! / A Special Training for Shiro! / Mom is Troubled by the Rains!

Episode 13 – Dad Will Work on a Holiday! / Himawari Visits My School! / Listening to the Crickets Chirp!

Episode 14 – I Won’t Give My Hippo Clip to Anyone! / Nene-chan’s Special Skill! / Himawari Leads Me in a Trouble Always!

Episode 15 – Driving a Car is Risky! / Dad Is Suffering From Severe Toothache! / I Will Cook Tasty Food!

Episode 16 – The Summers Have Ended and the Winters Have Begun! / Visiting a College Festival With Nanako! / Playing a Uniqe Game With Dad!

Episode 17 – Mom Drinks a Bitter Medicine! / Watching a Film Shooting! / Mom Will Make Momos!

Episode 18 – Who is This New Student in Our School? / Mom is Making a Variety of Vegetables These Days!

Episode 19 – What is Wrong With Mom? / What is the Competition Between Kazama and Masao? / Himawari is Angry at Mom!

Episode 20 – Another Day of Commotion in the School! / Playing Dodgeball in School! / Handling Himawari is a Task!

Episode 21 – I Don’t Like Shopping! / Sumo Wrestling Between Me and Kazama! / Himawari, a Fortune Teller!

Episode 22 – A Five-Year-Old Troubles the Elders! / Masao Learns Special Defence Technique! / We Are Going to Meet Yasushi Uncle!

Episode 23 – I will Sell Sweet Potatoes! / We Will Trouble Kazama! / A New Fridge in Our House!

Episode 24 – I’m a Brilliant Dancer! / I Want Internet! / Me and Dad at a Coffee Shop!

Episode 25 – Savings is My Responsibility! / Going to a Video Store / I’m a Doctor Today!

Episode 26 – I Will Show Ai-chan My Talent! / Me and Dad are Going to the Supermarket! / Shiro Has a New Friend!

Episode 27 – Mom and I Will Take English Lessons! / We’re Being Recorded on the Handycam! / Dad Cooks Stinking Fish!

Episode 28 – Watching TV Will Lead Me and Dad into Trouble! / Will I Get to Eat the Sweet Potatoes Brought By Mom? / We Will Follow Kazama!

Episode 29 – A Child Climbed the Tree! / Putting a Lot of Efforts for Action Kamen Chewing Gum! / Dad Gives Us a Surprise!

Episode 30 – Me and Dad are Going to a Barber! / Himawari is Daydreaming! / Me and Dad are Going Out for Dinner!

Episode 31 – A Party in My House! / I Will Give an Audition Today! / Dad Wins a Lottery!

Episode 32 – I’m Coming Action Kamen! / Mom is Preparing for My School Function! / Mom Will Visit My School!

Episode 34 – Eating Snacks Secretly! / Dad and I Will Play Action Kamen! / I Found a Cell Phone in the Park!

Episode 35 – Ai-chan Pays a Visit! / A Samurai’s Story! / Dad and I Will Do the Housework!

Episode 36 – What is Masao Afraid of? / A Samurai’s Story! / I Want Action Kamen Shoes!

Episode 38 – Why is Mom Angry? / A Burglar in Our House! / A Detective in Our House!

Episode 39 – Will a New Member Join Kasukabe Defence Group! / Uncle, You Should Not Do This! / Dad Has No Rest Even On a Sunday!

Episode 40 – Miss Yoshinaga is Sick! / I Will Meet the Guru! / Miss Yoshinaga is Leaving Us!

Episode 41 – Miss Yoshinaga’s Wedding is Fixed! / Preparations for Miss Yoshinaga’s Wedding! / Nanako and Me Will Participate in a Fancy Dress!

Episode 42 – Miss Yoshinaga is Confused! / Miss Yoshinaga and Ishizaka’s Wedding! / Miss Yoshinaga’s New House!

Episode 43 – Will Dad and Me Record a Video of Yoshirin? / Will Our Dreams Come True? / Where Did Miss Yoshinaga’s Post Card Disappear?

Episode 44 – I Will Learn to Surf! / Norio’s Surfing Story! / Overcome Your Fears!

Episode 45 – I Saw a Weird Dream! / I Will Meet My Twin! / Who is This New Person?

Episode 46 – Dinner Smells Good! / I Will Play Snake and Ladders! / Who Will Win? Mom Or Me?

Episode 47 – Getting Over the Hot Summer!/ Who Amongst Mom and Dad Will Win? / Micchi is Unwell!

Episode 48 – If I Was Shiro…! / Nanako At My Place! / What is Wrong With Nene-chan?

Episode 49 – The Jailhouse Story! / I Will Prepare Rice Balls! / Being Patient is Fruitful!

Episode 50 – On a Flight to Australia! / I Gave Yoshinaga Ma’am a Surprise! / We Are On an Australia Tour!

Episode 51 – Snorkelling is Fun! / Mountain Climbing With Risk! / The Futaba Angels!

Episode 52 – I Want Pocket Money! / Dad Also Wants Pocket Money! / Mom Wants a New Cycle!

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