Shin Chan (Season 3) Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download HD

Shin Chan (Season 3) Episodes in Hindi Dubbed Download HD

Shinchan Season 3 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download / Watch Online

Misae drops Shinchan to school by cycle and returns home. She wastes her day intending to complete her work later. Shin-chan helps Nene-chan find her lost cat. They go to different places to find the cat.

But ultimately, they find her at the fish market. Hiroshi, Misae, and Shin-chan go to a car showroom to check the new cars. They pester the sales executive and return home.

Two goons trouble Masao and snatch his video game. As Masao starts crying, Shin-chan, Kazama and all other friends fight together against the goons and get Masao's game back. Shin-chan and Misae go for a boat ride on the beach.

They fall asleep in the boat and later realize that they are quite far away from the shore. After a long wait, the boat reaches the shore. Checkout Shinchan All Episodes in Hindi Here.

Shin Chan 1994 Season 3 Hindi Episodes HD

Shinchan Season 3 Series Info:

Series Name: Shin-chan (Season 3)

Release: 1994

Language: Shinchan Hindi Dubbed

Quality: 480p HD 40Mb to 80Mb

Running Time: 22 Minute

Shin Chan Season 3 Episodes List

Episode 01 – Easy Going Mom! / The lost kitten! / I go see a new car!

Episode 02 – We will not fear the goons / Going to the Beach during Summer is Fun / Going for a boat ride

Episode 03 – Time for Summer Camp / A Test of Courage at Camp! / Distressed about the melon

Episode 04 – Hiroshi struggles to sleep / Escape from the Rain with Big Sister / Watching the sea lion show

Episode 05 – Outdoor bathtub on a summer day / Making cartoons / An encounter with Action Mask

Episode 06 – Summer vacation picture diary! / Citizen’s swimming pool is fun! / Helping Keiko and Satoshi in Shifting to a new house

Episode 07 – I go to the post office on an errand / I go to the Haunted House / Shin-chan and Hiroshi do the cooking

Episode 08 – Gardening capsicum plants / Non-dad! / I go along with Miss Matsuzaka

Episode 09 – I clean my lunch set / I try many kinds of baths / I play at Health Land

Episode 10 – I look after the lost child / Perfume is a one-man affair? / Asking for forgiveness

Episode 11 – I go fishing on the ship / I confront a girl prodigy / I go to pick up someone by car

Episode 12 – Tasting the famous curry / Taking Shiro for a walk! / Competition with borrowed items

Episode 13 – Playing a tennis match / Going for a long picnic / Talking to a baby

Episode 14 – Playing with the fax machine / I am a gifted painter / My leg is broken

Episode 15 – Being troubled by a crow / Fighting with Kazama! / I still hate green pepper

Episode 16 – Going out for a boat ride / Cleaning the mess / Eating a jumbo ramen

Episode 17 – The ice-cream incident / Farewell to Kazama-Kun / I’m forgotten

Episode 18 – Napping can be rough / Lunch at a restaurant / Getting a haircut with dad!

Episode 19 – Playing hide and seek / Learning to bath a baby / Mom’s part-time job

Episode 20 – Miss Matsuzaka’s holiday / I be a child in Nene-chan’s family / Unable to enter the house

Episode 21 – Returning a handkerchief / Mom’s a lush / Love the party?

Episode 22 – Darkness is fun / A new substitute teacher / Poor birdie

Episode 23 – An early New Year’s card / The home delivery business is tough / Miss Yoshinaga’s Eve

Episode 24 – New Year’s Day is Busy / Going skiing / The ski slope is a fuss

Episode 25 – Time for Fire Safety / Masao! Our hero / Hiroshi remains hungry

Episode 26 – Auntie Masae comes to town! / Suffering from cold / I caught a cold!

Episode 27 – Your dating? / Women’s wrestling fans! / Shifting the snow is fun

Episode 28 – This baby is cute / Kazama bunks a lecture / Driving is dangerous!

Episode 29 – Drawing on a wall / Lucky draw / Chiroku clears her exam

Episode 30 – Playing with Tissues / Time for a nap / Watching the beautiful stars

Episode 31 – Learning calligraphy / Visit to a TV station / Fixing the TV problem

Episode 32 – Learning how to eat / Visiting a neighbor / Reading at a library

Episode 33 – Shin-chan and Shiro take a bath / A lesson in love! / A lesson in love! 2

Episode 34 – It’s cute shirohebi!/ Stay at a hotel / Visit to Action Land

Episode 35 – Ah, spring is here…! / Shiro is unwell / Fun with cherry blossoms!

Episode 36 – A promise / TV stops working / Shiro’s favorite toy

Episode 37 – I wanna go for a drive! / Shin-chan’s own room / Could it be… love??

Episode 38 – Misae meets with an accident / Misae calls the cops / Matsuzaka and Kawaguchi express their feelings

Episode 39 – Movie time / Kasukabe Defence Force / Kawaguchi and Matsuzaka’s date

Episode 40 – Watching Sumo wrestling live / Yoshinaga is a drunk teacher / Dad and the overtime!

Episode 41 – Hiroshi’s business trip / Shin-chan will miss his father / Bidding goodbye to Hiroshi

Episode 42 – A night without daddy / Playing baseball is a problem / Doing some cleaning

Episode 43 – Shin-chan drinks coffee / Shin-chan visits Nene-chan / Grandfather’s visit

Episode 44 – Boarding the bullet train / Misadventures of the father? / A day in Osaka

Episode 45 – Heavy shopping / Saving a sparrow / A video for Hiroshi

Episode 46 – Hiroshi’s return / Shin-chan blackmails Ryuko / Shin-chan cooks food

Episode 47 – Shin-chan plays with Hitoshi / Fishing competition / Misae and the mouse

Episode 48 – Heavy rains forecasted / Watching TV at midnight / The Tanabata festival

Episode 49 – The road of Nanpa is severe / Eating is painful / I will stay at the hospital

Episode 50 – Grandfather leaving house / Let’s go-to girls college / Poppy Chan is alarmist?

Episode 51 – Playing with Kazama-kun! / Playing in the pool! / Still playing in the pool!

Episode 52 – Choose this year’s bathing suits / I will take care of the inn / Matsuzaka’s crisis

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