Pokemon Season 4 Johto League Champions All Episodes Download In Hindi Dubbed [720p HD]

Pokemon Season 4 Johto League Champions All Episodes Download In Hindi Dubbed [720p HD]

Pokemon: Johto League Champions Season 4 Hindi Episodes Download / Watch Online

Synopsis:- Pokémon: Johto League Champions is the fourth season of Pokémon and the second season of Pokémon the Series: Gold and Silver. Ash Ketchum challenges the Goldenrod City Gym Leader, Whitney, to win his subsequent badge to compete inside the Johto League

After Ash without difficulty beats Whitney's Nidorina and Clefairy, Whitney sends out her third and final Pokémon, Miltank. Miltank defeats Ash's Cyndaquil and Totodile with its Rollout assault. Ash, in depression chooses Pikachu as his very last Pokémon but notwithstanding their mixed efforts and a approach related to surprising Miltank whilst it's nonetheless wet from Totodile's Water Gun attack, Miltank's Rollout is simply too robust and as a result, Pikachu soon faints, ensuing in Whitney prevailing the conflict.

Within the aftermath of his surprising loss at the palms of Whitney and her Miltank, Ash struggles to regain his self belief and starts seeking to shape a method so he can beat Whitney's Miltank and earn the Plain Badge. Along with his Pokémon having recovered from the intense war, Ash and the institution visit a close-by Miltank ranch and after a while, Ash finally profits the self assurance to undertaking Whitney over again for a hazard at getting the Plain Badge. However will the rematch finally move in Ash's prefer or is Whitney going to be the Gym leader who ends Ash's Johto League campaign for suitable?

Pokemon Johto League Champions All Episodes In Hindi Dubbed

Season info

Name : Pokemon Johto League Champions

Status : 52/52

Quality : 480P

Language : Hindi Dubbed

Release Year : Aug 03, 2000 to Aug 01, 2000 

Size : 60-100MB

Pokemon Johto League Champions Episodes List

Episode 03 :- Air Time

Episode 04 :- The Bug Stops Here

Episode 05 :- Type Casting

Episode 06 :- Fossil Fools

Episode 07 :- Carrying On

Episode 08 :- Hassle in the Castle

Episode 09 :- Two Hits and a Miss

Episode 10 :- A Hot Water Battle

Episode 14 :- Power Play!

Episode 15 :- Mountain Time

Episode 16 :- Wobbu-Palooza

Episode 19 :- Ariados, Amigos

Episode 20 :- Wings 'N' Things

Episode 21 :- The Grass Route

Episode 22 :- The Apple Corp

Episode 24 :- A Ghost of a Chance

Episode 25 :- From Ghost to Ghost

Episode 26 :- Trouble's Brewing

Episode 27 :- All That Glitters!

Episode 28 :- The Light Fantastic

Episode 29 :- UnBEARable

Episode 30 :- Moving Pictures

Episode 31 :- Spring Fever

Episode 32 :- Freeze Frame

Episode 33 :- The Stolen Stones!

Episode 35 :- The Wayward Wobbuffet

Episode 36 :- Sick Daze

Episode 37 :- Ring Masters 

Episode 38 :- The Poké-Spokesman

Episode 39 :- Control Freak!

Episode 40 :- The Art of Pokémon

Episode 42 :- Current Events

Episode 47 :- Right On, Rhydon!

Episode 48 :- The Kecleon Caper

Episode 50 :- Got Miltank?

Episode 51 :- Fight for the Light

Episode 52 :- Machoke, Machoke Man!   [Season Finale]

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